Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S - 104 years

HJ Lubtronic

Advanced Lubricator for Increased Flexibility and Security
Delivery of fresh oil in every engine revolution
Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S has developed an electronically controlled (hydraulically driven) lubricator, for cylinder lubrication of 2-stroke diesel engines. HJ Lubtronic ensures:
• Optimised feed rate
• Injection with every engine revolution
• Flexible feed rate
• Load regulation (especially for engines without cam shaft)
• Easy operation
• Flexible timing
• Enhanced safety
HJ Lubtronic is equally suitable for both mechanically and electronically controlled engines, and is characterised by:
• Full electronic control with application of MEP, BHP or user defined algorithms
• Logging of data
• Stepless adjustment of stroke length
• Redundancy of key functions on all operation levels
• Injection with every piston stroke
• Can be installed on MHI, Sulzer and MAN engines
HJ Lubtronic operates with a variable stroke length, and supplies fresh lube oil with every engine revolution, which is an important feature in general, but particularly crucial when slow steaming – which is used more and more in shipping today.
Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S’ HJ Lubtronic is approved by MAN Diesel & Turbo for use on MC(-C) and ME(-C) engines.
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