Hans Jensen Product Launch - HJ Smartlube 4.0

Hans Jensen Product Launch - HJ Smartlube 4.0

On thursday the 23rd of april, we arranged a live webinar presentation of our brand new product - HJ Smartlube 4.0

The webinar was held twice on the same day, to accomodate the time differences of the eastern and western hemispheres.

During the webinar we presenting the new possibilities of our new product HJ Smartlube 4.0 

  • Enabling your fleet to cope with any future lubrication scenario
  • Specifically designed for operation under IMO 2020 S Cap
  • Accurately timed and placed cylinder lube oil enables a perfect cylinder condition and reduced CLOC
  • Enabling multiple injections during every engine revolution
  • Most flexible system to date

Furthermore, we introduced the test results of the technology running on two vessels with a MAN ES G80ME-C Mk 9.2 Engine design. 

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