Hafnia (BW Group) extends liner life time by using Hans Jensen Lubricators technology

Hafnia, member of BW Group, upgraded the engine’s cylinder lubrication system onboard their Medium Range Product Tanker, “BW Egret” (6S50ME-B) in January of 2020. The new upgraded system is the HJ Lubtronic 2.0 SIP from Hans Jensen Lubricators (HJL). The lubrication system was upgraded, as the liners had a wear rate that exceeded the maximum allowable wear prior to the installation. 

  • Vessel name: BW Egret (Product Tanker)
  • Engine Type: 6S50ME-B
  • Feed rate before upgrade: 1.17g/kWh
  • Feed rate after upgrade: 0.7g/kWh

The existing lubrication system was a conventional electronic lubrication system. Hafnia investigated the issues, and it was decided to replace the lubrication system with a more flexible and sophisticated lubrication system from HJL. 

The upgrade took place during the vessel’s first special survey docking, and was closely followed up on, in cooperation between the technical departments of Hafnia and HJL.

After two years of operation, the conclusion is that the upgrade has been a success; The wear rate has been reduced significantly, while at the same time achieving a feed rate reduction of more than 40%, from 1.17 g/kWh down to 0.7g /kWh. Hafnia noted, that after the upgrade, “BW Egret” is the engine with the lowest specific cylinder oil feed rate amongst all the sister vessels. 


Technical Director Ralph Juhl says:

“The cooperation with HJL on the BW Egret has been a great success. Already from the initial discussions, we were advised by HJL what the possible root causes to our issues could be – and what the proposed solutions were. The importance of cylinder condition cannot be understated as it directly affects the vessel’s efficiency and profitability. 

Subsequently, a flexible lubrication system and injection technology is required to ensure optimal cylinder conditions can be maintained at all times.

We have been very happy with the HJ Lubtronic 2.0 SIP lubrication system, and it is evident from the exceptionally low liner wear rates we are seeing. The fact that we are now down at 0.028 mm / 1,000 hours is testament to the system’s ability.”


Automatic Cleaning Sequence (ACS)

Poor cleaning of wear particles, combustion residue and un-used additives has become a widespread problem after the changes in fuel requirements. One of the key features possible on HJL lubrication systems, is the Automatic Cleaning Sequence (ACS) which is designed specifically to improve the cylinder cleaning ability.  The ACS will automatically increase and decrease the feed rate for pre-determined intervals. This allows for greatly enhanced cleaning ability by essentially flushing out particles and deposits before they have a chance at building up.

The automatic changes in feed rate enables the engine to keep a stable and low feed rate overall. Depending on the HJL system installed, the extra oil injected meant for the cleaning can be directed into the ring pack only and/or onto the liner surface.


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