Cylinder Condition Optimization Program

Improve engine performance through a Cylinder Condition Optimization Program from Hans Jensen Lubricators. In addition, the program offers correct feed rate setting, improved cylinder condition, extended time between overhauls, reduced cylinder oil consumption, and detection of early warning signs (eg. cold corrosion).


  • Improved engine performance and condition
  • Improved cylinder condition
  • Extended time between overhauls (TBO)
  • Detection of early warning signs (eg. cold corrosion)

Ship-owners choose us because they are benefitting from from our unique specialist experience within the field of cylinder lubrication.

A century of experience qualifies us to give our customers in-demand evaluations and recommendations on cylinder condition, lubrication systems and feed rates. We have experience from more than 20,000 ships.

The program includes

The Cylinder Condition Optimization Program with Hans Jensen Lubricators consists of two parts. These parts are used in order to give clear recommendations on improving cylinder condition for your vessels:

  • Port Inspection Picture Evaluation
  • Scrape Down Analysis

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The program in-depth

In order to get a comprehensive overview of your cylinder condition our program is in two parts. They highlight different areas of cylinder condition and as such it is vital that they are used in combination in order to give you the best recommendations.

Scrape Down Analysis

The Scrape Down Analysis will give a clear indication of the cylinder condition. The SDA includes analysis of eg.:

  • Iron level
  • TBN level
  • Cat fines (silicon and aluminum)
  • Chrom
  • Vanadium

Our SDA program is in-demand by ship-owners because it is important to combine the result of the SDA with the actual cylinder lubrication equipment o/b the ship (non-return valves, HJ SIP valves, intermittent lubrication, etc.).

Our SDA program enables ship-owners to monitor liner wear through iron content and sidual base numbers (BN).

Our SDA reveals data oon cylinder operating conditions, enabling ship-owners to:

  • Safely extend Time Between Overhaul (TBO).
  • Optimize feed rates
  • Minimize the impact of cylinder liner wear and cold corrosion.

This is particularly relevant for vessel running partial load, and thereby susceptible to cold corrosion.

Port Inspection Picture Evaluation

Through pictures taken by vessel crew of piston rings, piston skirt, cylinder liner wall, cylinder crown and piston top land engineers from Hans Jensen Lubricators will examine the pictures and evaluate on the following:

  • Cylinder condition
  • Feed rate
  • Condition of combustion
  • Potential abnormal situations eg. water ingress
  • Evaluation of lubricatio system

In cases where a port inspection picture evaluation and a SDA shows signs of increasing cylinder liner and piston ring wear, a replica of cylinder liner running surface can be very helpful in pinpointing the reason for the wear problem.

A replica will show the following:

  • Abrasive wear due to cat fines
  • Corrosive environment
  • Wear due to under or over lubrication

Replica solution from Hans Jensen Lubricators help you run your system with optimum lubrication.

Tailor-made solutions

Our tailor-made solutions are based on a questionnaire filled-in by your vessel crew, which we evaluate in order to give you a cylinder optimization that fits your needs.

This ensures an optimal solution and cylinder condition for you.