New System Heralds Step Change In Cylinder Lubrication

New System Heralds Step Change In Cylinder Lubrication

The Motorship Magazine has publish an article on our new product, HJ Smartlube 4.0. The article can be read in the may issue of the magazien or on their webpage. Below is a short excerpt of the article. 

Hans Jensen Lubricators has launched a new lubrication solution that eliminates the need for cylinder lubrication pumps and offers a significant reduction in cylinder lubricant oil consumption rates.

The new HJ Smartlube 4.0 solution represents the culmination of years of research into how to improve the efficiency of cylinder lubrication systems for two-stroke engines, while lowering operational costs.

Stefan Nielsen, chief commercial officer at Hans Jensen Lubricators discussed how the system had been designed with flexibility as a goal. “Our new product, HJ Smartlube 4.0 has the highest flexibility of any lubrication system available. Not only in terms of the advantages the technology brings in regards to main engine lubrication performance – but also how the system is based on a modular approach, where we started our design and succeeded with the ambition of making the most optimum cylinder lubrication technology for two-stroke engines, perfect for both newbuilding and retrofit projects.”