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Industrial Ph.D.

Industrial Ph.D. position

Within the field of cylinder lubrication for two-stroke marine diesel engines

At Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S, Denmark – a Industrial PhD position is available within the field of cylinder lubrication for two-stroke marine diesel engines. The PhD project is in collaboration with the Department of Materials and Production at Aalborg University Denmark. The PhD stipend is open for appointment for a 3-year period starting as soon as possible.

Job description

The PhD study will investigate selected scientific problems related to the practical task of achieving efficient cylinder lubrication in two-stroke diesel engines. Spray atomization, droplet breakup, droplet flight in the scavenging air, and droplet deposition on the cylinder wall encircles essential parts that have to be understood in order to design a spray system that delivers optimal cylinder lubrication. The spray lubrication process is complex, as it involves highly transient and coupled phenomena. To increase the understanding of such a complex process, numerical modelling combined with experimental tests is used for investigation. The PhD project will have substantial impact for Hans Jensen Lubricators as well as the scientific community, since knowledge of droplet break-up of viscous liquids, such as lubrication oil, is very limited. The knowledge gained will aid the company for further development of new products as well as for improvement of the existing ones. 


We seek a scientist with a strong background in mechanical engineering or marine engineering with experience in fluid dynamics and CFD simulations.

You should ideally have: 

  • A Master degree in Mechanical Engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science, or a similar field.
  • Experience with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and numerical modelling - knowledge of OpenFOAM is an advantage.
  • Good programming skills.
  • Enjoy working independently and wellstructured together with an interdisciplinary team contributing to a highly topical and socially relevant field.
  • Enjoy working in an informal environment where a sense of humor is highly appreciated.
  • Show outstanding commitment, high flexibility, can cope with a higher workload and you are team-oriented.
  • Excellent communication as well as organizational skills and are willing to engage in international, interdisciplinary collaborative research, workshops and secondments.
  • Very good written and spoken of English language skills. 

The applicant is required to document that the Master’s degree, skills and interests correspond to the profile for the post. The final degree needs to be confirmed by the time of appointment. 

The rules and condition for the Industrial PhD project are defined in the program guidelines accessible via 

The application must include  

  • A cover letter thoroughly explaining and elaborating on the motivations and qualifications for applying (1-3 pages). 
  • A Curriculum Vitae setting out your educational qualifications as well as any additional scientific achievements, publications and any relevant work experience. 
  • Proof of English language proficiency and writing skills (e.g. IELTS or equivalent, sample articles or academic work).
  • A copy of the Bachelor and Master’s diploma (or equivalent) or certificate of graduation. 
  • An official transcript of the completed subjects and grades in the Bachelor and Master studies. 

Furthermore, academic references are highly appreciated e.g. from researchers familiar with your academic activities, e.g. the advisor, supervisor, professor. The application must be sent to as soon as possible (no later than 15th April 2020), as applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

About Hans Jensen Lubricators  

Hans Jensen Lubricators has for generations specialized in cylinder lubrication systems for twostroke marine diesel engines, and the business consists of developing, manufacturing and maintaining the systems. The company’s innovative technology and approach has during the years given the company great market shares as well as the position of being the leading technology supplier of cylinder lubrication systems in the world. It is HJLs vision to maintain this position, and a PhD project will aid the company reaching this goal. Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S is a Danish family owned company with approximately 100 employees in offices in Denmark, Singapore and China. 

Collaboration between Aalborg University and Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S 

he candidate will have a workstation in the R&D department of Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S. The company supports the PhD project with an industrial case and relevant equipment to experimental testing. Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S employs the Industrial PhD student and appoints an Industrial supervisor to the PhD project. The Industrial supervisor knows the industrial environment at the company, and is able to support the PhD project with both practical and technical insight. 

Aalborg University contributes to the PhD project with supervision and the scientific environment at the Department of Materials and Production with knowledge within the field of e.g. materials science and numerical modelling. 


For further information please contact Mr. Nikolaj Kristensen, R&D Manager, Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S, email:, phone: +45 98 57 19 11