Job and Career

Like any other company, Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S is dependent on qualified and committed employees who understand the importance of moving with time and acquiring new skills.

We consider it crucial that our work place is motivating and unpretentious and that we exercise visible leadership. Our innovative approach to the work is in focus and the quality of the work is important for us as a company to maintain and develop our leading position in the market.

To get a job with Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S is not only a matter of professional qualifications. We also emphasise the importance of personal qualities like responsibility and decisiveness in new applicants. Can you see the challenges and a future in our company? And do your own views and values match the set of values we have?

Learn more about Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S by taking a trip round our website. If you afterwards can answer yes to the above questions, we will be pleased to receive your application.

We also see it as an obligation to participate in educating employees for the next generation. Therefore, we have been approved for training industrial technicians, electronics technicians, technical designers and office clerks specialized in accounting. Our apprentices and trainees have completed core curriculum before the apprenticeship agreement is signed, which is why they become skilled within their area. You are welcome to enquire about the possibility of an apprenticeship.

We find it important to cooperate with educational institutions and organisations. Therefore, we offer to participate with relevant guest speakers/lecturers – for instance at schools of marine engineering, where there is a desire for inspiring and competent input about the necessity of correct cylinder lubrication.

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