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COSCO Bulk Carriers reduces cylinder oil consumption by 55%

On five vessels in their Handymax-fleet COSBULK have chosen to upgrade with HJ Mechtronic SIP cylinder lubrication system.

The vessels are equipped with MAN 5S60MC-C engines, and have so far shown a reduction in cylinder oil consumption of 55%. Before installation the vessels consumed an average of 240 liters per day. That number has now been reduced to 110 liters per day.

This equals a monetary savings of EUR 53,000 per vessel - and a total of EUR 265,000 for all five vessels per year.

COSCO Bulk Carriers says: 

"The HJ Mechtronic SIP system has been a very good investment for us. The large savings in cylinder oil means that the system pays for itself in no time at all. In addition
to the savings, the condition of the cylinders has been optimized as well.”