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Cylinder Lubrication Requirements of 2020

IMO Marpol Annex VI "2020"

The 1st of January 2020, means every shipowner or technical manager must comply with the Global Sulphur Cap. 

At Hans Jensen Lubricators, we are aware of the challenges compliance brings. The inherent complexity of cylinder lubrication in the post 2020 era, demands flexibility as the most necessary component. We believe that a flexible and reliable cylinder lubrication system is the path to overcome the challenges posed by the sulphur cap.

A flexible system, makes it possible to have a system that actively changes lube oil, to match the vast pattern of uses of shipowners across the world. This is made possible with the HJ Lubtronic lubrication system, which has an automated step-less stroke adjustment with timed injection. By combining the HJ Lubtronic system with HJ SIP “Swirl Injection Principle” valves, it is possible to ensure good engine condition by directing atomized lube oil in a spray upwards onto the upper liner via the scavenge air, where lube oil is most needed. The system is therefore the optimum solution to combat the oil stresses present.

Please read our articles & whitepapers on this subject, and do not hesitate to contact us - We are prepared to help you overcome the obstacles that come with compliance. 

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