Hans Jensen Lubricators is now part of the G&O Maritime Group, and at the same time joins the owner team behind the group. The decision has been made to strengthen both HJL's and G&O Maritime Group's growth and development opportunities in the coming years, where the green transition in shipping provides opportunities that must be pursued.

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Cylinder Lubrication - Innovation through generations

Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S is the world's leading international supplier within the field of development, production and service of cylinder lubrication for two-stroke engines for marine and power plant applications.

Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S has 104 years of experience with innovative product development, creative solutions and efficient installation of our high-quality products. An experience we continually benefit from for the update and expansion of our range of products. Therefore, today we offer a number of different cylinder lubrication systems worldwide.

Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S' product line includes both cylinder lubricators and SIP valves, which are designed to ensure utilization of the revolutionary SIP lubrication principle.

At Hans Jensen Lubricators we appreciate a good challenge and with the introduction of our latest generation of cylinder lubrication systems, HJ Smartlube 4.0, we have created the world’s best cylinder lubrication system.

The system is engineered to simultaneously, be flexible to accommodate different engine designs and operation conditions, ensure optimal lubrication no matter the type of fuel in use, have a high degree of flexibility, offer large savings in cylinder oil consumption, have a high level of safety to ensure smooth sailing whilst still being simple to use for the crew.