Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S - 100 years

Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S Cylinder Lubrication - Innovation through generations

Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S is the world's leading international supplier within the field of development, production and service of cylinder lubrication for two-stroke engines for marine and power plant applications.

Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S has 102 years of experience with innovative product development, creative solutions and efficient installation of our high-quality products. An experience we continually benefit from for the update and expansion of our range of products. Therefore, today we offer a number of different cylinder lubrication systems worldwide.

Hans Jensen Lubricators A/S' product line includes both cylinder lubricators and SIP valves, which are designed to ensure utilization of the revolutionary SIP lubrication principle.

HJ Lubtronic is our electronically controlled, hydraulic lubricator, which presents the possibility of load dependent lubrication, and thus reduced cylinder oil consumption and optimized cylinder conditions. HJ Lubtronic is designed to deliver easy operation for crew, and at the same time it is the only electronic lubricator on the market capable of delivering fresh cylinder oil with every piston stroke.

With HJ SIP valves, fresh cylinder oil, in adjusted amounts, is supplied with every piston stroke, directly onto the upper liner wall. This provides the potential for reductions in cylinder oil consumption and optimized conditions for liners and piston rings.

HJ Mechtronic is an electronic regulation unit, which can be retrofitted on existing mechanical lubricators, and thus make possible a load dependent cylinder lubrication.

HJ Lubtronic SIP is approved engine designers.